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30/09/2008 12:39:54 Daphne nee Lightoller

Hello "cousins",

Found this site by a quite round about route. Have, off and on, researched Lightoller roots. Right now I'm concentrating on my father, Roger's, story. He was the son of C.H., served with honor (earning DSC) in WWII as Lieut. in RNVR, was killed in action March of 1945. My mother never re-married so I am the only daughter. We left England in 1947. I now live in Michigan with my husband.




23/08/2008 09:53:53 Dave Bland

My great gran was Miriam Lightowler, lady mayor of Halifax. I have been able to trace back my Lightowler ancestors (with one or two dubious connections) to the Lightowlers of Rochdale and have made many interesting discoveries along the way.

For instance - amongst Lightowler births twins occur about 9 times in every hundred where the National rate is 2 in a hundred.   

On this side of the border forenames prefixed with J - James, John and Joseph were most popular but in Lancashire favourites are Robert, Timothy and Thomas.                       

The 'Lightowler' clan all have very similar facial features, wherever they were born - deep set eyes and high cheekbones.

There were only about 1000 Lightowlers in England and Wales in 2002

Our fortunes have been much of a roller-coaster ride but we always seem to bounce back. May we continue to do so and best wishes to you all


17/05/2008 12:31:08 Chloe Morgan

My name is Chloe Morgan. My Great-Great Grandfather was Esra Lightowlers. He had a daughter, my Great-Grandmother, Jessica (Jessie) Lightowlers (1911-1979). She married my Great-Grandfather John (Jack) Steenholdt (1912-1996), they had a son called Harrry Steenholdt (1937-2007), who is my Grandfather. He married Valerie Hart, they had 3 daughters, Debra, Janene and Joanne. Joanne Steenholdt is my mother, she married Mark Morgan and they had 2 children, Joshua and myself. We now live in Melbourne, Australia.


01/04/2008 17:50:20 Tim Lightoller

Your website is a fascinating discovery.  My origin/connection is via the Chorley Lancashire tree; my grandfather was Charles Herbert Lightoller, whose second son born in 1908 was my father Richard Trevor Lightoller.

Like my grandfather I spent most of my life at sea, 33 years in the Royal Navy but, very much contrary to my Grandfathers inclinations,  spent nearly all of my time in submarines retiring as a Captain in 1993.  I now live in Scotland and have finally "swallowed" the anchor and taken up golf!

18/09/2007 13:23:41 Rachel Lightowler

oooh this is so interesting.


i live in Melbourne Aust.

07/09/2007 18:30:43 !"£$%^&&*()_+!"£$%%^&&**** lightowlers facinating!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so cool
03/06/2007 12:21:48 Edward Chapman


My maternal grandmother was the sister of Charles Lightoller of Titanic fame. She lived in Darwen, Lancashire and died in December 1969.

Thanks for a great website!


04/05/2007 14:46:14 Richard Weil No relation to the family, but at the last moment my grandparents changed their booking and so missed sailing on the "Titanic".  (They took the "Carpetheia" instead.)  Really enjoyed Charles L's book about his life at sea, which I found through the Wikipedia site about him.  Good luck with this site!
13/04/2007 09:39:31 ? ?

Hello I am Alice Lightowlers (Paul's daughter)My dad and I have traced back to 1210

and we have found out that we are related to Charles Lightoller-"nd Officer on the Titanic-


Iam currently making a projct on the Titanic.

14/03/2007 21:27:57 Alfred Haggers Hi I Found your website by a search on wickipidia, I live at Lightowlers Cottage, Lightowlers Lane, it was built for the farm labour (originally three cottages now one) the farm house is near by and the barn was converted to a dwelling about 7 years ago. There are no remains of Lightowlers Hall/House. I have a website would you like me to put a link on for your website? if you need any info about the area, email me at
20/12/2006 23:14:00 Dave Bland Nice clean site, easy to view. I intend to regisiter and make contributions at a later stage in its development.
08/12/2006 14:00:05 Paul Lightowlers     Please take time to make an entry - thanks.